NOTE: This Wikia is under construction and will not be ready for a while.

Welcome to the UNC Student Guide!

The goal of this wiki is to provide UNC Chapel Hill students with walkthroughs and useful links for things like course registration, upcoming events, and much more. This is by no means an official page nor is it sponsored by The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in any way.

Why did I make this?

With the process of applying to college being hard enough, getting into the swing of things with course registration and general knowledge of on-campus life can be even more challenging. I found this out the hard way and decided to make this wiki for my own use as well as for the benefit of others. I hope that it will be a helpful resource for incoming first years and students in general.

In the future if this wiki is noticed, I will add permissions for others to post content as I am human and am bound to make mistakes and miss useful tools. However, for the time being, because it will just be me posting what I have gathered, this wiki will remain in my control.

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Pictured is the Old Well. Source:

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